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New Philharmonic, the orchestra in residence at the College of DuPage, is the only professional orchestra based in DuPage County, Illinois.

And now, a bit about New Philharmonic’s history:

Forty years ago College of DuPage embarked on the bold and visionary experiment of sponsoring under its umbrella professional level organizations in the performing arts. Under Harold Bauer’s direction, New Philharmonic and DuPage Opera Theatre formed and were followed in subsequent years by New Classic Singers, Buffalo Theatre Ensemble and Arts Center Jazz Ensemble. This venture was, of course, in addition to the large quantity of student/community activity in the arts.

Since its first concert in November 1977, when an orchestra of 24 musicians performed for a capacity audience of 330 in the Building M “open space” on west campus, New Philharmonic has grown and thrived. Today, under the direction of Music Director and Conductor Kirk Muspratt, the orchestra numbers between 55 and 85 professional musicians, depending on the repertoire, and performs for between 1,200 and 1,500 people per concert pair in the beautiful McAninch Arts Center. The College Of DuPage provides substantial in-kind support. Funding comes from ticket sales, corporate and individual donations, grants, the Illinois Arts Council, and from the college’s Student Activities Fund.

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